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13" Spot/Flood Light Bar

LUMENS: 6700 Raw // 3700 Effective ~ Outer LED’s have a flood beam pattern while the center LED’s provide a spot beam pattern for a combination of long distance and broad viewing all in one light ~ (24) 3W high performance LEDs ~ Dual-chip technology for higher lumens ~ 6000 Kevlin Color Rating ~ Die cast aluminum housing ~ High-impact polycarbonate lens ~ Light bar measures 13” L x 3” H x 3.5” D ~ Overall Dimensions: 16.5” L x 7.75” H x 3.5” D ~ 4.5 amperage draw ~ IP-67 rating: against water and dust

4 Piece Set Automotive Set
Includes the #56500 & #14900 terminal tools plus the new #57780 blue terminal tool that fits many Ford applications. A black protective handle slips over the probe opposite the probe being used. This is designed to protect the technician’s hand as well as to provide extra leverage. Includes blow-molded carry case.
LIS #57750

Pocket OBDII
Diagnostic Scan Tool
Provides easy and quick access to (DTC) diagnostic trouble codes on OBDII compliant vehicles sold worldwide since 1996. Allows the user to read, erase and reset the OBDII system. Supports all OBD2 protocols, including the newly released (CAN) Controller Area Network protocol. Includes a user manual with the most current trouble code information.
PRT #W2977

285 Pc. Multi-Use
Electrical Repair Kit
This double-sided kit has compartments on both sides for easy assess to the following contents:
Electrical tools include: crimping tool, Phillips and flat tip screwdriver, circuit tester, test leads, and fuse puller. Electrical parts include: ring, spade, butt, disconnect and coupler terminals ends, heat shrink tubing, quick tap, wire nuts, cable ties, wire/cable clamps, blade fuses, glass fuses, rubber grommets, electrical tape and primary wire.
PRT #W5207

12V Battery Charger
Output Charge Rate: 10 amp fast charge, 2 amp trickle charge. Charge Operation: Manual or Fully Automatic with no overcharging worries.Features reverse connection protection and durable metal case with top mounted carrying handle.
DSR #PS1022A

204 Pc. Master Drill & Bit Set
This set features a unique quad-panel tri-fold storage case to keeps bits organized plus has multiple drill bits in the smaller common sizes to avoid any downtime.
Contains 128 drill bits including: nitride treated & titanium-coated high speed steel drill bits, brad point, 12-inch wood boring, hex-shank pilot bits, masonry drill bits and 4 hole saws with hole saw adapter. Has 47 power screwdriver bits and 10 power nut drivers.
Other accessories include: 3 nailsets, center punch, 3 drill stoppers, 3 screw finders, 2.5mm allen wrench, 2” magnetic extension, counter sink, and drill gauge.
TTN #16204